Containerized TwinPack Generator


The container is a system of two generators working together to provide fully redundant backup power.  This doubles the reliability of your event, ensuring the supply of power even in the event of failure of one. Our container has a standby rating of 350 kW. It provides excellent steady voltage regulation and is enclosed in a sound attenuated 20-foot container. The generator is powered by dual turbocharged and aftercooled Volvo engine that meets Tier 3 EPA emissions standards.


GloBug Light Tower


The GloBug is a balloon type light and is used in place of conventional lamps in a light tower.  It reduces glare in the work area, eliminates shadows and improves safety.  This makes the GloBug ideal for highway work, job sites and special events.

  • 360° glare-free illumination

  • Rapid bulb restrike time of only 6 to 10 minutes

  • Balloon inflates automatically and quickly – less than thirty seconds – after activating light

  • Excellent visibility with coverage of up to 300 feet

  • Limitless applications including industrial, mining, traffic control and special events

140kw LitePOWER Van Generator


Inside this Mercedes Sprinter 3500 is a 1200 amp generator. Supply power to any event while keeping a low profile. Another advantage is that anyone with a regular driver’s license will be able to drive it.